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About us

Amstaff Azyl Foundation provides safe heaven for all those terrier type bulls whom suffered from being surrendered to the shelter or neglected by owners.

We put a lot of effort into saving excluded dogs: ones that are chronically ill, injured, old and with behavioral problems. We are helping those abandoned by everyone. Our foundation provides fair, safe and loving environment in foster homes or home-like pet hotels. We are focused on high quality care, due to that fact our dog boarding capacity is very limited.

To help homeless dogs who are invisible for many people, that is our mission.

These pictures show the stories of homeless ttb under our care: vast majority of them were bitten, sentenced to death, abandoned in god-forsaken places, left behind because they were ill, in need of the resocialization process or abandoned just because they’ve grow old…

Heart-breaking stories of those who should always have a comfy couch to sleep on and a loving owner to comfort. Instead, they’ve suffered so much pain, no matter what the cause – their path to recovery because of that is always long and difficult.

On the daily basis we face the hard tasks of handling their proper medical care, shelter, correction of behavioral problems – you name it, and with all of that we can use all the support we can get. We are extremely grateful for each and every donation received. Thanks to you, we can keep on helping our furry friends to land safely in loving homes.

You can find us on Polish Government site. See how.

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